Monday, August 23, 2010

Manchester City vs Liverpool

It would be tempting to depict this clash as the one between the past and the future...I for one certainly wont call it so, YET. At present it is a clash between the millionaires against the orphans (without any owner per say and hence no fund). City will be lining up a starting eleven in value more than 200 million (not to mention a bench worth another 100 mills) against a Liverpool eleven consisting of 2 free signings, 6 players bought at less than 10mills and 3 players priced around 20mills. Liverpool bench says a similar story as well having no player bought for more than 12 mills...Given 50 mills counts for 1 goal, City should win tomorrow's contest 6-3 or 3-0 roughly..On paper or at least on dollars spent, no competition IMO. How will it turn up?? I expect a far far more closer contest.

The opening week, Tottenham dominated the defensive minded City, who were lucky to have got something from that game. Liverpool on the other hand had a mixed day...Arsenal dominating them at Anfield in the first half, Ref piling on the Misery with a straight red (Unfair Unfair) for poor Joey(who had a poor 1st 45 Min anyway) and a resurgent Liverpool taking the lead one man down only to clutch their heads in shock after the pepe blunder (poor guy pulled off too amazing saves just before that bizarre moment).

Expected Liverpool Starting XI -


Johnson Carra Skrtel Agger(if available)\Aurellio

Masch(if available)\Lucas Poulsen

Kuyt Stevie G Jovonovic

El nino(woo hoo)

Roy will play both his defensive midfielders to win the second balls and to control the midfield. With City also likely to go for at least 2 defensive midfielders, its going to be more of hassle than dazzle from any of the Mid field men. The industrious Kuyt and Jovonovic will try to put pressure on city further up the pitch apart from trying to feed in Torres and Gerrard as often as they can. Gerrard is likely to play behind Torres, who looked real sharp mid week. The duo will be hoping to hit the wavelength right from the start.

With both the managers likely to adopt a defensive minded line up, I don't see many goals in this fixture. Liverpool have a better chance of inflicting damage on city tomorrow than maybe, in the later part of the season as City's new team might not have gelled quite yet. My Brain says 0-0 while my heart shouts out loud at a 1-0 score line with a Fernando classico giving Mancini a gentle reminder that, there are somethings money can't buy...Passion and Loyalty for the club, for instance..

Hoping Roy's bad away form at Fulham doesn't carry on with Liverpool.


Some match pointers from

5 of their last 7 league meetings have ended in a draw.

Liverpool's last away win was in April against Burnley. 4-0 the score line.

Joe Hart was the busiest GK in the league last week, needing to make a save every 11.3 minutes.

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