Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Story so far...

With my 23rd birthday on the horizon, I thought I will take a walk through the memory lane and etch down everything I can remember of my 22 yrs of Life so far..
I made my entry into the World Stage on a cold, silent morning of 3rd Feb way back in 1986 and if it hadn’t been for some smart thinking from the part of my grand mom, I would not have lived to tell the tale.

Since I was born very fragile and underweight, I was placed under observation in an incubator. So sometime during the night of the 3rd day, my grand mom fell thirsty and decided to have a glass of water. But on the way back to her bed, she couldn’t resist the temptation of stealing a look at her second grand son. Instead of seeing him deep in slumber, she found the young chap all stiff, purple faced and not breathing. Rather than remaining shocked by the sight, she showed the presence of mind to quickly take me from the incubator and place me in the bare cool floor. The sudden change in temperature injected life into this new born and gave him a new lease of Life. The doctors were called upon soon enough and I was diagnosed with Jaundice. I had to live through another 4 to 5 days in the incubator, only to be taken out to expose my body in sun’s radiation once in a while. I survived through the trauma.

1986 – 1989
I have absolutely no recollection of this part of my life. So all the contents which I can mention here will be contributed by either my dad, mom or grand mom.

Unlike what the general assumption would be of all those who know me, my Mom says I was a very nice boy back then, rather it was my generally well disciplined and always goody bro who was the naughty one . She says it’s only as I have grown older that I have become more mischievous.

I was also under the care of my Grand mom for a month during the time when my dad, mom and bro left for Kashmir leaving the poor little me all alone. She recollects that I was so thin and fragile back then that she was even scared to brush my body with water fearing I might break my bones.

1990 – 1991
My memory of this part of ma life is vague and futile.

But I do remember the day when my dad and Mom felt - enough of this bugger – and forced me into Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Town School. I was thrown out into a class consisting of several other Chotas like me who knew nothing other than to cry and call out ammmmaaaa. That day I clung on to my mom pleading to her not to leave me alone. I cried out loud "ammma pokalle ammaaa". I just wonder if the song Meri Maaa was being played somewhere in the background that day.

I also learnt a harsh lesson during that time – Never make fun of people who are taller and stronger than you, especially if they have long finger nails. Even back then, I was in the habit of making fun of my friends and in this particular occasion, one of my 1st friends – Ashwin took the matters personally and decided to scratch his way out of this particular mess which was me. But the scars of that day have vanished long back, so has the grudge. He is one of the nicest guys I know and still one of my better friends.

--> To be continued