Monday, June 30, 2008

2003 - 2007 A College Story

Tharikada productions in association with Dream works presents
A Typical Day In My Life or in Karan Johar style ATDIML - Episode 1

In this story,there are NO Heroes,NO Heroines and NO villains...jst loads nd loads of weird characters who were meant to be friends..

It is 23/01/2006 and we are going directly to the location where the story starts(My house)...

So here we go...

Time is 8.15 -
amma:mone enikku
me: zzzzzzzz ya zzzzzzzzzz

8.30 -amma: Unnniii enichille???
me: ya zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8.45 -mom: Unniiiiiiiiii manushyanmare kollaruthu ketto..vilichu vilichu mathiyayi
me: iiiooooo enichu enichu {phew}

nd with tht,yet another day begins in my life-

With jst 15 mn to go nd no hopes of making it for the 1st hr in time,i rush through my morning routines....
its almost 9 nd i jst had my bath..phew..ente karyam pokka...i put whatever i get my hands on and rush...but before i can get out of my house,mom comes running behind shouting...
hey u cant leave without having ur breakfast..I shout back "no time amma" but she is adamant that i cant leave empty stomach..So with a stomach full of fried bananas,1 ounce nellikka juice and 2 glasses of milk,im almost ready 4 college...that is ALMOST

but i havent cleared the final litmus test yet - my DAD

Its 9.15 and i innocently walk towards my scooter obviously praying that dad dont see me..But alas,i aint tht lucky today...

Achan:when is ur class??
me:9.30{fingers crossed}

Achan:wats the problem with u??cant u reach ur classes atleast 5 mn before time??
me:I will reach der in time{again fingers crossed}

Trying to forget the guilt of having to lie and asking god to forgive me,im off at 150km/hr in my street hawk(which some people jealously called the ambulance/white pulsar)
and in no time,i have reached my college,just half an hr late...nd the day has only begun...

PS: sorry Mom for all the troubles and sorry Dad for being late :)

To be continued....

In the next episode,the story takes a plunging twist as Unni finds himself deserted outside the classroom.What will happen to him,will he live to give the attendance or will he be thrusted to perils of condonation.

watch out for the next episode..coming shortly,in my blog itself..
till then cheers nd thanks for reading through all this crap :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My College Life - A poem it goes...My first i tensed or what :)
Exactly after 22 years,4 months and 22 days, I decided to write a poem...
I dedicate this to all my friends who made my college life memorable and unforgettable..
This is my first ever poem,so bear through it..cheers..

I took my first step in a strange new land
with just a book in my hand
The place was teeming with people i never knew
i wondered how i would get my next four years through.

Once the "im ____" and "im from _____" was done
the party had already begun
Days rolled on,but dono when
i started realising that i never had this much fun.

Memories of graphics classes are many
all thanks to our sir Shulapani
Played cricket matches aplenty
winning 16 in a row still remains in GEC History.

We also used to play a game meant for 6
name of the game was 56
We used to play it 9 to 6
but that was back then in 2006.

Then there were the series exams and university
for which chits and bandages,came in more handy
When d results are announced finally
gals ask how much while boys ask how many??

Lab exams were another torture
as we didn know the diff b/w ammeter nd wattmeter
Taking the viva was like walking into a nazi chamber
where v have committed many a blunder.

Myriad 3.50 rs were puffed up at the apoopan's kada
next to wimbis where we usually had our vada
Around 4,we wait near the ATM darwaza
in anticipation of the gals from the Vimala.

Final year tour was funny
where we ran short of money
coz of our supervisor Mani's
love for Mcdowell Honey.

Though now in office with a code to review
its just the memories that i wanna brew
With nothing to do but a gum to chew
i realise now how fast my four years flew