Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mission Kashmir

First Aid Kit..Check
Gum Boots..Check
Sun screen..Check

It was just a week back that I decided to join the band wagon along with my brother and his 5 friends to make a trip up north to Ladhak, Leh.

Though initially, a decision which was made just to escape from my daily routine of my ever sickening life in Chennai, now just 24 hrs away from making that journey, I'm as excited as ever.

I felt I was getting myself into something special the moment dad called me up and asked me not to go warning its too risky and too dangerous. Then I called up bro and gathered more info about the trip.

It will start from Delhi on friday the 19th. From there after 5 days of strenuous journey via chandigarh, Manali, we should be reaching Leh by 23rd. Thousand snaps, lots of tired legs and 10 days later, I will be boarding the train back to chennai on the 3rd of July. This is of course if things go according to plan.

So once my ever kindful onsite leads granted me 2 whole weeks leave, my trip was a reality. So as expected there were morons in office who were going gung ho about whether I would be capable of riding an Enfield, how I might not even return to tell the tale. Then there were the others who were so excited for me at the trip, some who badly wanted to do the trip themselves and of course my Manager who showed the courtesy of handing me over his Camcord so as to take some Videos of the trips.

If indeed I survive throught the ordeal(against the hopes and scrims of some of ma colleagues), I will be back here again to tell my story of hopefully what would be an exciting, beautiful and daring Journey.

So Al qaeda and the as far as you can as one Mr. Unni would be in town soon.

Me off to packing then(now where did I keep those AK47's..hmmm...)

Signing off..