Monday, July 7, 2008

ATDIML - Episode 2

So i take the turn from power house junction,switches on the nitro,past the LH nd MH and in no time i have reached the cycle shed.After parking the SH,i take a sneek peek through the class door and find its Prameela mams hour and she seems 2 be in a
pretty bad mood.Wat will i do??Is this indeed the end??Standing alone in the long corridor,i don find anyone in sight.I pray" me"and .. ya you guessed it,there comes my buddy,out of one corner,just in time,in his typical ezhuthukaran look with long hairs nd a chavara bag which is so long that its almost dangling near his knees..

Now the shoving and pushing starts in front of the door,and as usual i outmuscle him and he crash bangs into the class. I follow him innocently and as expected,our entry is followed by fits of laughter(triggered by hari,kad and mansoor).ASM comes up with yet another tragic,emotional story as the reason for his lateness and as expected,she replies with her usual disdain and wry sly mathi mathi...poi iri.. which is followed by another uproar of HAHAHA HAHAHA.Now With all the benches occupied,we make our way to the last bench of the 1st row behind the gals only to find that,it is half covered in pigeon $#!%.Anyways,we take our place there having truimphed in securing precious 2hrs attendance.

Prameela Mam is busy delivering a lecture on a very important topic which is bound to come for the university exams and we don have any pen and paper with us.Butluckily Chandana,k.Anu and that slim gal from Andaman(if anyone remembers)are sitting in front of us and they show mercy to give us a pen and paper and in no time we are busy jotting down the numbers,drawing lines and columns,thinking up different possible permutations and combinations and finally we are all set....for the game of Bingo.Furhter in front of us is the most feared threesome in GEC history,Lakshmi,Minu and K.Pooja.Urban Legend is that,there isnt a single person in GEC who has been spared from their gossips.And in the first bench is Saghav Anu,Gisa and the Only gal in GEC history to pay condonation,Ambili.

Next to us,sweating all over and flirting with the gals is kad.To the left of him is Pari,who seems all tensed,guess someone commented something abt his hair.Next to them,are Hari and Mans launching rockets to the ceiling and Singing.That comprises
the last bench of middle row.In front of them is my best buddy,Aparna who still seems upset with me after yesterdays fight.phew.sorry yaar.Next to her is our topper,Nisha in her typical thattu dress alongside kanchana.Sitting in front of them is Parvathy,my lab mate prescribing to Angela the recipe of thairu shadam while Prathiba is sitting with a mechanical text book in hand.And in the firstst bench is Kunhu with a huge arsenal of pens,pencils,scales and rubbers.Alongside her is Pinky and Anjana.

Hey hold on,Just as soon as i start having a look at the gals,Amit starts peeping into my paper to win that game of bingo.Ivane kondu thottu.But despite his best efforts,i come up with a brilliant call in the 9th move and end up the winner :)

Back to gals,in the 1st bench of the 3rd row is the bubbly 3,keeru,Aishu and Ammu.Beauty Queen is busy SMSing her latest crush while Aish is nodding her head at 120 osc/mn to get the teacher in her good books,though she isnt understanding a
thing(after all i will have to explain everything to them later on)while Ammu is busy planning her next overseas trip.Behind them is India's only Olympic medal hope Anju,beside divya hostel roomate Merin and V.Pooja.In the third bench is Local
busy writing his records which were supposed to be submitted 2 weeks back.Next to him are the Bhujji's Emil and Ajit deep in thought.Further behind is Jiji sitting with his head held high taking in all the air his fragile body could.Next to him
is Gipson tightly hugged by his best buddy Dileep.

And in the corner bench of the farthest row,there seems to be a heated argument going on between Jinx on one side and Chalu,Jai and Sendil on the other (no surprises,Mamookas movie Black jst flopped).Next to them sitting unperturbed is glittering Glitto flexing his muscles.Further in front is our star dancer Jithu shaking the bench with his wave move while Chull,Ansar and Jithin narrowly holds on trembling along in the same bench.By the way Noufal and Vappi didn turn up for class and went for tour thinking there was university exam that day.And in the first bench of the farthest row is Nair having an animated conversation with..with...with..himself???

What happened to our Rep??has the three yrs of education taken its toll on that young man or is there some other reason for such drastic turn of events.....

Answer to this and much much more in the next episode of ATDIML..

Till then..Adios Amigo...