Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years......Hope something better comes up this time around..

Well Well..As 2008 draws to a close, I hope I find enough time to sneak in one last blog entry before it breathes its last..So what better topic to post other than "The year that has been - 2008".

In 2008,sun rose for me spreading with it,rays of hopes and aspirations.There were places I wanted to reach,targets I wanted to acheive,dreams which I aspired for. But now as the sun sets, I stand empty handed and lost, with not even my shadow beside me.

It had been a yr of setbacks where my life has moved at snails pace, When time seemed to have stood still only to be fast forwarded all of a sudden to remind you that another 365 days of ones life has been withered away doing nothing.

Well before I turn this entry of mine into a malayalam serial by continuing on with my stories of pity,disappointments and failures.I guess I shall try to include some of the incidents which were the highlights for me of 08.

Highlights -

Sadly from a personal point of view, I cant even think of a single high spot worth mentioning.
All I can come up with is -

i)From zero Knowledge of things happening around me, CAT helped me out in keeping touch with events happening across the globe, my love for reading multiplied and I started Blogging.

ii)Got myself a second hand bike and a new Dell XPS laptop.

From a broader point of view

-Never felt more patriotic or more raged and concerned about my nation than those 48hrs of Mayhem in Mumbai. Just felt jealous and proud of those commando's who were giving it their all for the nation.That is the kind of death any noble man should aspire for.
-Some of the speeches made by Obama and the confidence he transpired on millions was just jaw-dropping stuff.
-Good to get more than 2 litres of petrol again for 100 rs after seeing the highs of 55 rs/litre.
- Bush ducking away from shoes just as well as he does from controversies was indeed worth a laugh.
- It was great to see the Aussies being battered black and blue by the SA and India.How an empire has fallen.
- Great to see Sachin silence his greatest critics with an exquisite 100 while chasing in the 4th innings to back up couple of match winning displays in the finals of V.B Series.
-Federer coming back in style out of his slump to win the U.S Open.
-Reds for the first time in my memory topping the table come January and looking more than good for the title.This is especially sweet as bitter rivals Man Utld are just 1 trophy behind Liverpool in the overhaul title Haul.
-Aamir Khan with his Ghajini showed why he is the Ace Khan pushing SRK's RNBJ out of the Limelight.

Apart from these highlights which were scarce and few in between, last yr was a learning curve for me. Ironically, I feel I have learned more over the last yr than I ever did with my education in college or School.

Lessons Learnt in no particular order-

2008 in many ways has been an yr in which I had to come to terms with many harsh realities. For one, I realised that its pretty difficult to live ones life doing some crap no matter how much they pay you.And when this pay is also pretty bleak, the situation becomes sickening.

Resolution - Rather than complaining about the mess, try to find out how to make the best of the situation. Find alternatives and learn to ride the tough times.

Secondly, I learned or rather realised its always better to give\do things expecting nothing in return so as not to end up feeling hurt in the end.

Resolution - Though a hard one to put into practice, hopefully I would be able implement them come 2009, so as to avoid further damage and grief.

Third, Health is wealth. Frequent back pains and couple of lengthy spells of fever helped me realise just how good it feels to be healthy.

Resolution - Involve in more physical activity and exercise regularly.Eat healthy.Give your body No.1 Priority.

Fourth, The fact that my cell was showing greater battery life made me realise how rarely I use my cells these days and also how good it used to feel when I had to charge it once every 2 days.

Resolution - No matter whether the battery life is good or not, just keep it for charging once every 2 days(just kidding). Keep in better touch with your friends and near ones. They are the ones who give a purpose to your lives. Life without them is meaningless

Fifth - Don't put too much pressure on yourself by taking up anything as life and death situations.CAT will be a stark reminder for me for this.I put too much pressure on myself and then buckled.

Resolution - Learn from my mistakes and try to maintain a cool head.Nothing in the world should be felt too big to lose sleep over.Another tough 1 up my sleeve.

To put it simply, 2008 has been the toughest yr of my life yet.But I think it has helped me in becoming more mature, helped me in looking at life from a whole new angle,impressed upon me the immense possibilities that life has in offer and made me realise that life is no fool's game.

I hope the experiences of 08 has put me in good stead to take up the awaiting challenges of 09 - To give me the courage to dream again and give me the necessary strength and guidance t0 make my dreams come true so that come 2010,it wont be the void of my failure that fills me,rather a sense of accomplishment.


saroop said...


Dream'R said...

hmm...pretty negative eh...tats wat u get when u spend new years alone at home!!...

yeah been a sick year for me too...anyways about the highs - losing 2 series in no way means an empire has fallen..wait for the nxt episode "the empire strikes back"..

federer was totally outclassed by rafa and winning one puny event doesnt change anything...

RNBDJ is still the biggest hit this King Khan actually did wat he does best...flatten the opposition...

tendulkaR?? even get me started..only madass fans like u would hail that ONE century and act like he's been doin it all his life...the truth is..that was just ONE century...

U have a fresh year ahead of u buddy and i hope outta ur resolutions u atleast maintain that keeping in touch waala resolution!!..

Goodtimes ahead buddy...


PoojaS said...

hey you seem to have analysed this one year of ur life in full detail ha...nice one
keep blogging and hope this new year brings you all you ever wanted...