Thursday, June 26, 2008

My College Life - A poem it goes...My first i tensed or what :)
Exactly after 22 years,4 months and 22 days, I decided to write a poem...
I dedicate this to all my friends who made my college life memorable and unforgettable..
This is my first ever poem,so bear through it..cheers..

I took my first step in a strange new land
with just a book in my hand
The place was teeming with people i never knew
i wondered how i would get my next four years through.

Once the "im ____" and "im from _____" was done
the party had already begun
Days rolled on,but dono when
i started realising that i never had this much fun.

Memories of graphics classes are many
all thanks to our sir Shulapani
Played cricket matches aplenty
winning 16 in a row still remains in GEC History.

We also used to play a game meant for 6
name of the game was 56
We used to play it 9 to 6
but that was back then in 2006.

Then there were the series exams and university
for which chits and bandages,came in more handy
When d results are announced finally
gals ask how much while boys ask how many??

Lab exams were another torture
as we didn know the diff b/w ammeter nd wattmeter
Taking the viva was like walking into a nazi chamber
where v have committed many a blunder.

Myriad 3.50 rs were puffed up at the apoopan's kada
next to wimbis where we usually had our vada
Around 4,we wait near the ATM darwaza
in anticipation of the gals from the Vimala.

Final year tour was funny
where we ran short of money
coz of our supervisor Mani's
love for Mcdowell Honey.

Though now in office with a code to review
its just the memories that i wanna brew
With nothing to do but a gum to chew
i realise now how fast my four years flew


nimms said...

wah wah
wat a poem
i was waiting all these years to read a poem like this ..
These dayz poets should learn from u ...
Spectacular ..Spectacular ..Spectacular

saroop said...

Nee oru pottan aayirunenkilum ninte e poem kalakki.....ente koodey thaamasichu nee nannavan thundangiyeda....bhagyavan...!!!!!!

aiswarya said...

nammude classilthe alkarkokke ithrekku sahithyam kayivasham undayirnu ennu ippozhannu mansalavunadu....:)d poem is good man...nd funny fav being "gals ask how much while boys ask how many??"..hehe...good start unni...keep up d good work...pinne ezhuthan ulla motivation thannadu njan alle...nannavande irrikko..:)

Mridul said...

:) .. nice nice!

spartan said...

man i am speechless.....neeeyaru wordsworth-intae kochumonno.....

Not Sure Anymore said...

In 1 word...."brilliant"....really good poem man....really funny & brings back a lotta memories....poetry & u??man i m stunned ...the gals ask how much,guys ask how pure genius...keep up the awesome work...herz to more such brilliant posts....cheers

Self is D only prison tat can ever bind D soul said...

wat do i short of was amaing....i went through a quick flash back of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE.....cheers dude

mansoorpk said...

aliya kalakki...superb..

Aparna said...

hey gud yarr. Didnt know there was a poet in u ;-) .. Do write more..

keerthi said...

wow!nice!!really funny! :)

krishnadas said...

.....bold, brilliant and beautiful - dad.

Jayan M V said...

Good poem. I liked the funny line "Gals ask how much while boys ask how many"
Jayan M V

rema said...

its cool--esp that "gals asked..".. loved it.. but pl sing it out loud 4 me..i think i might change my opinion then ...cheers pal..keep up the good work

rema said...

its cool--esp that "gals asked..".. loved it.. but pl sing it out loud 4 me..i think i might change my opinion then ...cheers pal..keep up the good work

lifeandonions said...

Gals ask how much ,Guys ask how many?
Some said five and some just one,
And man they can be funny.

Cool poem man.